Message from Chairman, Mahindra Group

Today’s consumers are well informed and deeply concerned about environmental and social issues, present and probable. They are keen to play their part. This gives businesses, a responsibility as well as an opportunity to provide consumers with options that are true alternatives.

Businesses need to create and propagate products and services, that along with being sustainable, are affordable and easily available. At Mahindra, our endeavour is to empower people to Rise, by bringing true alternatives to the market, enabling consumers to make the conscientious choices that they so desire to make.

For every product, process and possibility, we practice what we call ‘Alternativism’ – a commitment to think and act differently, to develop true alternative solutions that align to a larger truth about the environment, society and consumer behaviour.

Sustainability at Mahindra Agri

“Sustainability is a part of our ‘Rise’ philosophy. You cannot Rise if you take more from the community than you put back”. A quote the Group Chairman Mr. Anand Mahindra states our intentions and united efforts for maintaining the balance of life cycle in invigorating demeanour.

Sustainability Efforts At Our Fruits: Exports Business

One of the main areas of our Sustainability efforts has been in our Fruits:
Exports business. Here at Fruits Exports we strive to ‘Rise’ by taking care of the environment the world is heavily dependent on. Sustainability has always been the prime focus, by the means of adopting and engaging activities to promote prosperity while protecting the environment.

We are addressing social needs such as education, health, job opportunities while tackling climate change. Sustainability is a laudable goal and we promise to create a better world through our various initiatives. We are inspired by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Out of these 17 goals, we at Fruits Exports, have targeted the following 8 goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

Giving Back Through Compassion

Our CSR Efforts

An Organisation That Cares

Doing business for good is as important to us as doing good business. Rise for Good is the creative expression of our desire to drive positive change among our stakeholders, in the community, and in the world.